The Incredibles Decoupage Chair - A Super Bedroom Hero!

Posted on September 14 2018

The Incredibles Decoupage Chair - A Super Bedroom Hero!

Everyone loves a Superhero!  Whether it's from the pages of a comic book or a visit to the cinema, the chances are we all know and love at least one superhero.

And we just can't get enough of them. 46 of the top 100 superhero  films released since 1978 have grossed over 100 million dollars. Like us, our comic heroes lead rather ordinary less-than-perfect everyday lives (think Clark Kent) but have the fantastical ability to transform into heroes with awesome super powers (think Superman) wearing fabulous lycra and spandex colour popping costumes!  This, combined with their heroic ability to right-all-wrongs and save the world, make them all the more compelling and relatable. 

But there is one family of superheroes that powers above the rest and that is The Incredibles.  In 2004, this seemingly light hearted animation stole the hearts of millions of people and 14 years later there is finally a sequel - Incredibles 2.  This sequel broke box office records as soon as it was launched and grossed over $180 million dollars in one weekend.  Many reviews say it is better than the first film and nearly every reviewer is hailing it as an instant classic.

Why do we love The Incredibles?

The Incredibles are the modern-day Parr family who just happen to have superpowers!  Mum is the bread-winning full time superhero Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible is a stay-at-home dad looking after their 3 kids Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack.
We love them because they are all about the family working together - it's a team effort.  The family is central to the story and we can all identify with the different family members.  They are also aspirational and inspirational.  As well as depicting a typical family warts and all, they show us who we would like to be with their powerful sense of justice and fair play.  They are endearing, funny and their Superpowers are Supercool - who wouldn't want to be elastic or invisible or super-fast?  But above all, The Incredibles pull at our heartstrings - the Parrs take feel-good to an Incredible new level because they are just like us and just like we would like to be.

Celebrating The Incredibles 

We wanted to do something special to celebrate the release of Incredibles 2.  So we did what we do best and created a unique and highly collectable Incredibles Chair.  This supercool decoupage SuperHero of the bedroom is Superbold, Superbright and altogether Superbrilliant.   It will be as sought after by adults as it will children and teenagers.


But this is more than just a chair - it encapsulates all of the super powers and the much loved characters from the film.  Using carefully selected cut-outs layered and varnished, it is hand crafted into a high quality and long lasting chair that is perfect for any child, teenager or even adult bedroom as well as offices, dens and playrooms. 

Have Your Own Incredibles Chair

If you would like one of these unique chairs in time for Christmas or as a SuperSpecial incredible gift for a Superhero in your life then please get in touch today.  Each chair is individually made-to-order in our workshop in Kent and can be delivered straight to your home but, just like Dash, they will be moving Superfast indeed. 


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