La Chaise Noire Boudoir Chairs ~ an alluring Collection of luxurious designer fabrics specially chosen for the Boudoir

An alluring Collection of luxurious Designer Fabrics in rich velvets and lush faux animal prints. These alluring combinations are worn by our more curvaceous chair models to create a decadent look and feel - the perfect Boudoir Chair.

Each model is carefully chosen for a specific feature of their shape - the curve of their back or the flick of their ankle. Each seat is individually upholstered with natural materials and stuffings for supreme comfort. Every seat is lovingly wrapped in fabulous fabric from leading designers.

Each Cheeky Chair in our Chaise Noire Collection is carefully chosen to be a striking upholstered statement piece - an original Boudoir chair - or a striking set of upholstered designer dining chairs.

Do get in touch if you would like to commission your own totally unique combination of chair model, designer fabric and colour.