The Shaker Collection - a range of hand crafted Shaker Style Bar Stools and Chairs

Our Collection of hand crafted Shaker Style Bar Stools and Chairs

Created from humble beginnings and a desire to make hard working and functional products, Shaker style bar stools and chairs have become hugely popular in recent years. The Shakers originated in England in the 1700s but moved to the US to create a religious group that valued function and honesty over many other things. This led to the creation of simply styled high quality furniture that was hand crafted using natural materials that were designed to last for generations. 

Modern Shaker Style 

The Shaker Style has survived for many years and has become popular again for the same reasons it was so sought after in the first place. The simple lines and functional nature are just perfect for real life homes and use. That being said, our collection of Shaker style stools and chairs are by no means dull. We have embraced the quality and functionality of this classic style but added a splash of colour and designer style to create something even more special. 

Hand Crafted in Kent

All our shaker style bar stools and chairs are hand upholstered and painted in Kent. We pride ourselves on the quality finish of our furniture and have created it to last generations. If you would like to discuss any of our products then please get in touch today we are happy to make chairs to order with your chosen retail paints too!