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It is safe to say the term bar stool covers a huge range of different types of seating from designer breakfast bar stools to sumptuous barista style stools. However, it does, of course, include a lot of somewhat less luxurious and desirable types of stool that play a somewhat more perfunctory role.

The History of the Bar Stool

Whilst early types of bench seating and of course thrones and chairs are quite easy to see in historic imagery it is very hard to see when the bar stool first came into being. However, the purpose of reason it was invented is more obvious. As the chair allowed people to elevate themselves from the floor so to did the higher bar stool. This added height offered a higher view over the room but it also allowed people to sit at and alongside bars. This may seem obvious but as the idea of social bars developed and became more civilised so did the desire to be seated comfortably in them.

So from the humble beginnings of bars and drinking establishments the stool grew to become something found in the home for use at the breakfast bar, kitchen islands, and more.

Seat Height

Seat height is probably one of the most important factors when choosing a bar stool. To be comfortable, there needs to be enough room for your legs to go under the bar or worktop, so that it is like sitting at a table. We think 20cms of leg room is ideal.

Generally, kitchen worktops, islands and breakfast bars have a height of 90cm from the floor to the underside. Ideally the seat height for a bar stool should be 70cm. This will give you 20cm for your legs and will be comfortable to sit at.

Commercial bars are generally taller than kitchen bars and stand at around 110cm. Correspondingly, the seat height for a commercial bar stool is 75cm.

To ensure you have the perfect fit we will cut the height of our bar stools to any height between 70 -75cms. Simply write the seat height in the comments box at checkout. Or if you would like to discuss the options for seat heights why not call us on 07388 528244 or email

 Breakfast Bar Stool

The breakfast bar comes in many different shapes and sizes from small 2 seater benches  giving a small kitchen an extra seating area to large 4 or 6 seater oak and marble topped bars bringing a social area to a large kitchen. The breakfast bar is certainly not something that has been around for hundreds of years and continues to become and more and more popular choice in kitchen design. The seating choice at this highly popular interior choice is similar in one big way…the seats have to be tall. They also have to fit neatly against or under the counter top itself. The breakfast bar stool tends to have a back rather than being a tall version of a traditional stool. There are short backed, high backed and rounded back options available. Others come with arms although this is far less common and can be a challenge when fitting under the counter. Most Breakfast bar stools are upholstered for extra comfort and it is fair to say that nearly all are used at any time of the day and not just breakfast. 

Colourful Breakfast Bar Stools

For many people the breakfast bar stool is somewhat of a standard furniture item but it really should be something to have a little fun with and also make a statement. A splash of colour in a white kitchen can make a big impact on the feel of the room. This colour can come from the stool itself or the upholstery. Designer fabrics and bold colours turn a useful and social seat into something fun and fashionable too.

Our Cheeky breakfast bar stools provide a beautiful splash of colour and style to any home. Our new Colour Blend Collection features our James bar stool that can be made-to-order in your choice of paint colour and seat fabric. It has never been more easy to add a stylish splash of cat-walk colour to your kitchen or breakfast bar! And with 18 versatile fabric colours to choose from you are bound to be able to be able to match your chosen colour scheme.

With fabrics from designers like Christian Lacroix and artists like Jon Burgerman the breakfast bar can be a statement piece area where once it may have been something rather dull.

Below is an example of a designer breakfast bar stool from the Cheeky Chairs range.

This elegant breakfast bar stool is upholstered in this amazing graffiti style print by the artist Jon Burgerman this stool will make a statement in any room. Using our classic James bar stool we have created a bold, warm and stylish breakfast bar stool. that  brings colour and excitement to the breakfast bar. Finished in Marigold eggshell this stool not only encompasses fun and fashion but also captures a summer sunshine feel regardless of the season.

Barista Bar Stool

The Barista Bar stool stems much more from the coffee shop culture than the interior feel of the breakfast bar. Often made in black, or darker shades of colour the Barista style stool is a more decadent and sumptuous choice. However this type of stool is just as at home at the breakfast bar or kitchen island. The designer barista bar stool is an ever popular choice in stunning modern homes across the country and the world.

As with our Breakfast Bar stools the Cheeky Chairs range of barista bar stools offer something so much more than just a chair. The use of luscious animal prints, velvets and luxurious fabrics alongside deep colour schemes can really bring style and impact to a kitchen or bar area.

Below are just two luxurious barista stools from the collection.

Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Barista Bar Stool


Our classic James bar stool is finished in Jack Black eggshell to give a sleek and stylish finish making it the perfect barista bar stool for those early mornings and late nights. This stool is upholstered and covered in the stunning Butterfly Parade fabric from Christian Lacroix featuring an host of stunning tropical butterflies. 

Christian Lacroix Ruby Red Barista Bar Stool

This James bar stool is again finished in Jack Black eggshell to create that sultry barista bar stool look. The fabric is again from the house of Christian Lacroix but this time uses velvets to mimic the dark and powerful pattern of a tiger. There is no doubt this bar stool brings a strong and urban feel to any interior. 

Where to use a Barista and Breakfast Bar Stool

Bar Stools are not only useful at the standard breakfast bar. Larger homes with central kitchen islands are the perfect place to allow guests and family to sit and chat while enjoying a glass of wine. Some houses have dedicated bar areas where perhaps a traditional bar stool does not fit with the interior feel. Here a Barista Bar Stool would make a perfect option. Backed stools can even be used in studios design studios and workshops where the work area are elevated.

Whether the home follows a more contemporary theme or a classical styling stools can always play a role by looking great, providing elevated comfort and being a critical part of the interior design. Where the Barista bar stool might sit in a sleek modern kitchen a more traditional breakfast bar stool can be at home in a traditional kitchen or dining area.

  • Breakfast Bars
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Bedrooms
  • Studios and workshops
  • Bars and Resturants

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