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Boudoir Chairs

The boudoir chair is certainly not a new invention, far from it, these chairs were originally designed to be somewhere for a lady to sit during private meetings and conversations in the boudoir itself. The boudoir is a French terms to describe a lady’s private sitting room or bedroom. It was often placed between the dining room and the main bedroom. The term boudoir has often carried a somewhat salacious undertone with it, this was certainly helped along by a certain Marquis de Sade and his book “Philosophy in the Bedroom”. These days the terms and, indeed, the furniture is more synonymous with style, elegance and chic decadence than scandal in the 1700s!

Boudoir Chair Design and Style

The Boudoir chair was originally designed to be smaller than other types of chair to fit into a room that wasn’t big enough for larger dining style seating. In terms of design a boudoir chair tends to be of a more ornate style with a Renaissance and very French feel. These chairs were often made lower than normal chairs and were designed with no arms. A rounded seat and low back is a common theme in boudoir chairs as is an upholstered seat. Boudoir chairs are not just for the more ornate style room though, bold and heavy boudoir chairs are popular for a stronger and bolder room. The very definition of a boudoir chair is a loose one so there is plenty of room for innovation and unique design ideas including colours and fabrics.

Where to have a Boudoir Chair

Boudoir chairs are perfect for dressing rooms or as bedroom furniture. They make for a comfortable and luxurious vanity unit chair as well as an ornamental statement piece in the corner of a stylish bedroom. But these sumptuous chairs can be used in any room in the house.

  • Make up table
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Hallway
  • Dressing room
  • Spas and Hotels

Our Cheeky Boudoir Chair Collection – Chaise Noir

In keeping with tradition our Boudoir chairs are curvaceous and created using luxurious designer fabrics in rich velvets and faux animal prints. We have a number of different chair types to choose from in this collection as well a different material choices; all of which are carefully selected for a decadent look and feel.

If you would like more information or to discuss a certain colour or style requirement please get in touch with our friendly design team today!

Make a Statement

There is no doubt about it; each one of our boudoir chairs is designed as a statement piece. You can choose from  a range of designer faux animal prints from the House of Hackney including Zebra and Tiger patterns. These are available in taupe, red and black and white. All are created using fabulously sumptuous velvets making our all the Chaise Noir chairs impressive to look at but just as gorgeous to touch and sit on.

Just two of the many pieces from the Chaise Noir boudoir chair collection:

Kate Tigre from House of Hackney

This exquisite art deco style boudoir chair uses our Kate frame but brings a touch of the jungle into things with House Of Hackney’s Tigre print on British velvet and silk. This certainly makes a statement but with the cone sprung upholstered seat it also offers comfort all hand finished in our Jack black eggshell paint.

Alice in Ekvaton by Josey Frank

The iconic Austrian design Josey Frank created this stunning fabric that we have beautifully paired with our stylish and elegant Alice chair. The fabric itself is inspired by nature with vibrant colours and busy patterns. This chair would not only bring an elegance to any bedroom but it will also make a bold statement of colour and designer flair. 


Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss any of our boudoir chairs with our friendly team please get in touch today. All our chairs are hand upholstered and painted to create a unique statement piece for any room. Why suffer the boredom of high street designed furniture when you can have a boudoir chair that will last a lifetime and bring a bespoke and luxury feel to your home.

Our team are happy to discuss bespoke options using fabrics and colours of your choice to match an existing colour scheme or to be part of a larger design project so e mail or phone Cheeky Chairs today to take the first step towards your new Boudoir chair.