Christian Lacroix Designer Chairs

Christian Lacroix is a French fashion designer with a background in historical costumes and fashion. He opened his own Haute Couture house after initially studying Art History at the University of Montpellier. Lacroix actually wanted to be a museum curator and did his dissertation on dress in 18th Centuary French art.

His early career spanned a number of different fashion roles including working at Hermes as a fashion assistant and working at Guy Paulin. In 1981 Lacroix was given a role as a designer at Jean Patou where he helped build the brand and was very much given the freedom to create what he wanted. In 1986 Lacroix hit the big time with his collection for Patou which included a short bubble and a pouf dress. In 1987 after offers from many fashion houses Christian Lacroix opened his own fashion house where he was able to create the ready to wear clothing he felt he wanted to produce.

For many years Lacroix has been a major name is fashion for a number of reasons. As well as reinventing couture, he also created stunning wedding dresses among many other projects.

What Defines Christian Lacriox

Much of what we love about Lacroix comes from his bravery and sheer independent creativity. However, it is his love of historic and classic fashion as well as costume design that brings a divine theatre to his work that really sets him apart from many of his peers and contemporaries. His collections and designs are always exotic and call upon a huge range of influences. Never afraid to dip into a new or previously un-tried pool of influence Lacroix is unpredictable in all but the guarantee of quality.

Christian Lacroix Fabric

As with all his fashion collections the Lacroix range of fabrics are nothing short of sublime. He brings a mix of influences to them as he does in his collections and manages to make a bold statement without being crass. Being able to have the work of who many consider a genius around the home every day is something we simply adore at Cheeky Chairs.

Our carefully chosen Nouveaux Mondes fabrics capture the spirit of a  tropical paradise. This exotic collection from the House of Lacroix is inspired by nature’s variety, bringing together island paradises and dense verdant rainforests in the traveller’s imagination.  Whilst the Butterfly Parade fabric is a dynamic and expressive  cotton print featuring an airborne parade of tropical butterflies.
The fabrics from both of these Lacroix Collections celebrate colour with gorgeous prints in vivid colours and textures to create uniquely stylish interiors.

Christian Lacroix  - Butterfly Parade Chairs

We love Lacroix’s Butterfly Parade fabric and have used it on a number of our designer dining, occasion and boudoir chairs. It really is an airborne parade of colour but one that is full of fine detail that will bring you pleasure for many years. The chairs we create with this fabric are contemporary but also sophisticated and dynamic. 

Christian Lacroix - Manaos Perroquet Chairs

This iconic print of ripening fruits uses a huge range of colours subtly used together to create a stunning effect. The crisp white background also serves to further highlight the hues of the fruit. This fabric offers a splash of summer in winter but also complements the more colourful seasons by bringing the garden into the home. 

Our Christain Lacroix Chairs

Below are some of the chairs we have created using Butterfly Parade, Onyx Velvet as well as others made using Lacroix's Manaos Paerroquet print and more. 

Simply click on the links or images to look at a chair in more detail. We are able to create made to order chairs in colours that will suit your own interior design choices so get in touch for more detail.

Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Noir


The Arden Dining Chair in Manaos Perroquet by Christian Lacroix


Manaos Perroquet from Christian Lacroix on our Shaker Style James Stool