Colour Matched Chairs and Bar Stools

What is Colour Matching?

The art of designing interior space is to create harmony and balance. It is not only about getting the mix of elements right but perfecting the relative blend and strength of those individual ingredients. Accent or statement colours play a key role in creating this harmony and balance.

The process of colour matching is a simple one at heart but often a very complex one to get right. It involves carefully choosing paints, furniture, curtains and more to all match a chosen colour palette for each room. It may sound easy but with so many different shades and even material textures out there, colour matching can go rather wrong if not carefully managed.

To help make things a bit easier, Cheeky Chairs will colour-match any chosen retail colour scheme in your home. Simply tell us the name and make of your paint and we will hand paint your chosen chairs and / or bar stools in the same colour. And, with a carefully crafted colour palette of fabrics in 18 colours in a spectrum from soft pastel to bold primary shades, we aim to colour-match with every style of interior and every type of combination.  Visit Our Colour Match Collection


What Sets the Benchmark Colour?

There has to be a start point for colour matching and this can actually be anything you like. For most people it is the colour of the paint they have chosen for the walls. Or it could be a chosen wall paper which could have several colours to form a colour palette that can be echoed throughout the house. However, some people are so inspired by one single piece of furniture of even a single item like a vase they may aim to colour match the entire room from that single point.

Wall Colour

It is generally best to start with a wall colour because you run the risk of having a colour that is far too dark or bright on the walls; it may look good on that lampshade but by the time you have built it up across the whole room it could well be too much. Wall colour has always been something of a fickle subject; some of the colours that were popular in the 80s have really aged badly and the same can be said for choices being made now although we don’t know it yet. It is always best to avoid faddy colours, those choices that seem like a great idea but 6 months later make you feel a bit unwell are really not ideal. Choose something from the heart and you are far more likely to enjoy living with it! 

Accessorising with Colour

If you are not comfortable with living with large areas of bold colour perhaps consider adopting a more neutral style but make use of unexpected pops of colour or print against simple backdrops - discrete yet bold colour choices. Why not add an oversized velvet pink cushion to a neutral sofa or a bright geometric rug to act a s room's central showstopper. 

Better still, why not select a statement chair to bring a room to life with a pop of colour. Many of the chairs in our collections are i a celebration of colour! Our chairs offer a vibrant mix of fabulous designer fabrics and colours to make a striking accent piece to brighten any room. One well chosen chair in the right colour palette that is dramatic and contrasting can transform a room by not only adding visual contrast but by drawing the viewers eye and, if appropriately selected, can pull the ingredients of a room into a delicious recipe of colour.

 Well chosen, specific doses of dramatic and contrasting colour not only add visual contrast but draw the viewers eye and, if appropriately selected, can pull the ingredients of a room into a delicious recipe of colour.

Our Colour Matched Chairs

Here at Cheeky Chairs we offer a colour matching service for our chairs. This means we can create made to order chairs that exactly match any retail paint colour you like or have already used in the room. Simply get in touch with us and let us know the paint you have chosen and we can create stunning chairs using that exact colour.

Visit our Colour Match Collection for find out more. 

Upholstery Fabric Colours

Not only can we help with your colour matching by creating chairs in your chosen paint but we also have a range of 12 versatile fabric colour choices. These can be used to colour match, colour blend or even colour block. The seat is made from high quality Italian fabric  which is soft but very hard wearing. With choices from soft pastels to bold primary colours you will find the perfect colour partner to your paint choice. 

The Challenges of Matching Colour

We hear from customers time and time again about the really tough time they have trying to get chairs made to an exact colour. They find a chair they love only to find the maker is not able to do it in the colour they need. They are faced with a choice, use a different colour that compliments the room or risk a “near enough” shade of their chosen colour. The first means colour matching is not complete and the second can end up looking very odd.

We are able to offer colour matched shaker bar stools, dining chairs, boudoir chairs and occasion chairs too. Whether it’s a full dining set or some bespoke bar stools for your new kitchen we can not only provide you with hand crafted high quality comfortable seating we can also make them using your own choice of specific colours. Don’t forget, we can also upholster them in divine designer fabrics too!

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Contact us today to discuss your colour matching plans and let us create some made to order chairs that will not only be the perfect colour match but that will also provide comfortable and stylish seating for many years to come.