Designer Dining Chair Buyers Guide

Believe it or not, it is quite easy to overlook the dining chairs when trying to create the perfect dining room or dining area. A common mistake is to get side tracked by lighting and even the dining table itself and simply forget that the chair forms so much more than just a visual element of the room. The chair is critical to the dining experience both visually and as a tactile accompaniment to dining, talking, relaxing and more.

The Dining Room

It is fair to say the formal dining room is not quite as common as it once was. With the advent of open plan living and the way the kitchen has moved from the purely functional to the altogether family location has meant dining is more complex. No longer a room that needs dusting, but otherwise stays ready for the next dinner party, the dining room or dining area is in constant use in many homes. Dining tables make for great learning spaces, for homework, wonderful places for catching up and cake eating and so much more. To this end the look and feel of dining furniture has changed too. That being said, many homes do still have a dedicated dining room where things are kept differently but even then there is room for a fresh take on the traditional.


Before even beginning to plan the chairs you may need it is worth taking a moment to answer a few questions about the dining space itself.

  1. Will this be a formal dining room or a multipurpose area?
  2. How many people will it need to seat as a maximum?
  3. How much space do you need? How big is the area and how much room will you need to move around?

There are more questions you may ask yourself but these will give you some focus on what the room is meant for. If it is going to be a very traditional setting then fun may not be a big factor. It may also be that you are less concerned with durability and more about a lavish feel.

Chair Size

Making sure your chairs are the right size is very important. Factors like how much room is left behind the chairs so people can get up easily are often forgotten. Also the seat height compared to the height of the table is critical. A chair that is too low will leave guests feeling like they are a child sitting at a big table and that is never good. 

Most tables are between 70-75 cm high so it is important to balance leg room and seat height for maximum comfort. Dining chairs should have a seat height between 43-50 cm. This is the height at which the actual seat is from the ground. The overall chair height can vary because some high back chairs can be quite tall. 

It is generally recommended that you leave 15 cm between each chair to allow people to comfortably sit next to each other and be able to get in and out easily. To work out how many chairs you can fit round a table you just add 15 cm to the width of your chosen chair and divide this by the length of the table side in question. Our dining chairs are around 45 cm wide.  

It is best to have around 60 cm between the back of each chair and the wall to allow people to move in and out easily. The overall number can be thought of as around 120 cm from the edge of the table to the wall. 

Our chairs are carefully chosen to be the perfect height for most dining tables. Below are the measurements of two of our popular dining chairs the Daisy Chair and the Elkin Chair.  

Height - 87-100 cm

Width - 44-45 cm

Depth - 36-47 cm

Seat Height - 47 cm

Dining Chair Styles

There are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different styles and types of dining chair available these days. From simple low cost options performing a somewhat perfunctory role around small tables to highly expensive and luxurious high backed upholstered chairs used in high society dinner parties. That being said there are only a few main types of dining chair, these include armed chairs, Parsons chairs, Shaker, side chair, Ladderback and Windsor. Many chairs are upholstered for extra comfort during dinner parties but the others use a wooden seat for simplicity and as a style choice.

Working With Other Furniture

Only in the most formal of spaces do you need to think about matching tables, chairs and other items. These days each item should be chosen on its merit and how it fits with others but that doesn’t mean they all have to be made by the same company. Colour popping and other trends can be planned in when thinking about the area or room as a whole. Buying all one type of furniture leaves you very little room for expression and that can leave your guests and your dinner parties feeling a little flat.


As we have mentioned already, the humble dining chair is one of, if not the, most important factors in creating a memorable, useful and enjoyable dining space.

Visually Appealing Chairs

The chair is the main touch point of the room, it is the one bit of furniture that each person has an individual contact with. The table is shared but your chair is your own for the period you are in the space. This means it needs to look inviting. We have all been to a dinner party where someone has huge dark monolith style chairs that frankly create a feeling of impending doom rather than a welcoming eating environment. Having a chair that looks great, and looks welcoming is key. Chose friendly colours, warm fabrics and chairs that look like chairs.

Appealing Feeling Chairs

A dining chair must be comfortable. That is the bottom line; a diner party will end too early if everyone struggles to get comfortable. It may well be a subconscious act but chairs that wear thin after two hours are not conducive to long and memorable eating experiences. Comfort comes from the shape of the chair, the fabric or material it is covered in and the upholstery if there is any. High quality designer fabrics with stunning colours and prints married with quality upholstery and hairs that focus on craftsmanship create a sitting position and feel that will lead to more enjoyment of the food, company and whole experience.


While not everyone likes a splash of colour being bold with dining chairs can really pay off. That being said in some cases, like with some of our sitting firm collection, allowing the natural wood to shine through can have a huge effect. The chairs are the perfect chance to get colour popping. Be as plain as you wish with the table and walls but throw in a party of colour with the chairs themselves.

Where to Use a Dining Chair

The uses of designer dining chairs and more general dining chairs is almost limitless in the home and other places too. From traditional dining rooms to kitchens, playrooms, offices and even walk in wardrobes where a boudoir chair might not be suitable. Ultimately a good chair will fit anywhere and we are able to offer a stunning range of designer dining chair options to use right across the home. From a single statement piece to a decadent dining set for those long and delightful dinner parties.

  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Studios
  • Hotels, Spas and Restaurants

Cheeky Chair Designer Dining Chairs

Cheeky Chairs offers a wide range of luxury designer dining chairs from bold bright colours and designer fabrics to sleek, rich velvet covered chairs as well as made to order options.

We use designer fabrics from the likes of House of Hackney, Liberty, and Christian Lacroix as well as artist prints from people like Jon Burgerman and Matthew Williamson. All our chairs are hand finished and upholstered offering superior comfort as well as bold and designer styling.

Below are just a few of our Cheeky Dining Chairs

Chloe Contemporary Dining Chair upholstered in Kitty McCall Hockney

Our elegant and graceful Alice chair offers stylish designer dining with a flash of colour as well as tones of nature from the Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade fabric. While comfort is a big feature of this chair there is no doubt the Purpleheart eggshell finish will make a statement round any dining table. 

 The Elkin Modern Windsor Dining Chair





This is our cute and curvy Daisy chair is wearing the mischievous Frooty Tooty Tropical fabric, finished with Mister David eggshell.

 Kate upholstered in Josef Frank's Under Ekvatorn

The Mid-Century Kate chair has a traditionally cone-sprung seat for luxurious comfort at the dining table . Here Kate is upholstered in the lush Under Ekvatorn (Under the Equator) print by Josef Frank and finished in designer purple.


Our Colour Match Collection is designed to ColourMatch the colour scheme in your kitchen or dining room. The featured chairs and bar stools are painted in either Oval Room Blue, Charleston Grey or Hartforth Blue but we are able to paint our frames in any retail colour to match your kitchen colour scheme. And with 18 versatile fabric colours to choose from you can pick a combination that works for you! 

Our Team

If you would like to have a chat with our team about your dining area and what chairs may suit then please get in touch. We are happy to look at photos and colour samples to help you chose the right chairs for your dining area or room.