Jon Burgerman Designer Chairs

Jon Burgerman was born in the UK but now lives in New York. He read Fine Art and Nottingham Trent University and graduated in 2001 with First Class Honours. After working solidly on his creations from then on he realised a book in 2008 called "Pens are my friends". This publication detailed his professional work to that point. In 2010 Jon Burgerman then sold, or gave away, most of his possessions and moved to New York in a bid to challenge himself and work in a new environment that was not bound by any form of media. His passion from then on was to literally create a world of art that people felt they could join in with and create alongside him. In the middle of this he also created a pop art band, recorded an album and had music featured in Rolling Stone and on BBC Radio 1. He also worked with a wide range of big brands including Nintendo, Samsung, Nike and Pepsi to name just a few.

His world "Burgerworld" was then taken on tour all over the world and even saw the release of a colouring book of the same name in 2016. Jon Burgerman now performs and gets involved in a wide range of events globally as well as playfully amending and changing many existing works in order to affect and support global change through humour and art. 

Jon Burgerman's Style

The Burgerman style is certainly fun, playful and colourful. He describes his own work as doodles or doodle art and is considered a leading light in the now popular doodle art movement. His work has been said to sit between urban art, pop culture and fine art. 

What Defines Jon Burgerman's Work?

The key theme throughout his work is playfulness and humour and an ability to question the conventions surrounding him. His work is certainly easy to recognise even across the huge range of mediums he uses from canvases, murals, toys, clothing and fabrics. 

Jon Burgerman Fabrics

The fabrics Burgerman produces are extensions of his existing work. They feature all the colours and bold humour filled character the art world has come to expect from this talented man. However, as well as the aesthetic his fabrics provide they are also very high quality and work perfectly for chairs.

Our Jon Burgerman Chairs

We absolutely love Burgerman designs so we couldn't help creating a Jon Burgerman Collection of different chairs and bar stools for people to buy and bring a splash of Jon's wacky and stunning world into their homes. 

Below are just a few from our range, if you would like a specific combination of one of our models and a Jon Burgerman fabric then get in touch and we can make something to order for you.

Daisy Chair in Black with Frooty Tooty

James Shaker Bar Stool in Yellow with Sunny Doodles

Chloe Occasion Chair in Blue with Deep Blue Splash

Jack Bar Stool in Black with Neo Geo