My Cheeky Chair Story

Cheeky Chairs

Cheeky Chairs started with a colour card ... and a habit for doing things a tinsy-winsy bit differently.  But most of all, it started with a love for beautifully carved chairs and luxurious designer fabrics. 

Cheeky Chairs

My Cheeky Chair story starts with a life-long love for carved wood chairs that I acquired from my Dad.  He had an incredible collection of 18th and 19th Century chairs created by traditionally skilled craftsmen. I have always felt that carved or framed chairs are the unsung heroes of the household.  All too often banished to a dark hallway, a spare bedroom or hidden under a dining table.  Worse still, they are blandly dressed to blend and coordinate rather than to shine.  A Cinderella-esque fate to stay in the background rather than be the Belle of an interiors Ball.

What is overlooked is the beautiful elegance in their carved shape – be it the line of their back, the curve of their leg or a flick to their ankle.  There is nothing like the feel smooth wood, the depth of natural grain.  And when you add highly skilled joinery and a meticulously upholstered seat using traditional, natural materials and stuffings, a carved chair becomes a creature of comfort as well as a creature of beauty.

Cheeky Chairs

I launched Cheeky Chairs to marry my passion for carved wood chairs with my love for designer fashion and colour.  I love the world of designer fabrics.  The sumptuous feel of plush velvet, the warmth of linen, the crispness of smooth satin.

Never has there been such an array of fabulous fabrics to choose from.  These stunning creations by some of the world’s best designers are central to the beauty of the chairs I create.  The signature florals from Liberty London to the iconic prints and weaves from Margo Selby and Christian Lacroix to the joyful and colourful designs of Matthew Williamson to the iconic prints of Josef Frank.  And it goes without saying, a carved chair with her defined silhouette is the perfect runway fashion model!

Cheeky Chairs gave me the opportunity to put fashion into furniture.  In a world of coordinated neutrals, I am on a mission to champion and celebrate the carved chair.  To bring a slice of runway excitement into your home with a visual feast of luxurious designer fabrics individually upholstered on to beautifully crafted framed chairs and bar stools.

To create beautiful bespoke Statement Designer Chairs and Bar Stools that are individually made to order just for you and your home.

And much like a must-have bag, you may only need one!  A Cheeky Chair is handcrafted to perfection.  It is a statement, an investment as well as a daily companion that will bring a smile to your face each time you sit on it.  So whether you would like a set or a unique stand-alone piece, Cheeky Chairs will bring your home to life with an inspiring and heart-warming pop of luxurious designer fashion! 

Cheeky Chairs is a select Collection of Original Chairs in Delicious Colours. I hope you will love them as much as we do!