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Ruby Red



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THIS EXOTIC TROPICAL PARADISE FROM THE HOUSE OF LACROIX is inspired by the surprising variety of the natural world. The designs convey a passion for mimicking the creativity of the natural world by fusing ideas to surprise and stimulate the traveller’s imagination. The velvets bring patterns of tiger-skin inventions with the design inverted in high contrast against black to create a glamorous urban look.
James wearing the exotic Soft Pantigre in Papaye from Christian Lacroix's Nouveaux Mondes fabric collection. This tiger striped pattern comes to life in tactile cut velvet and is finshed in Jack Black eggshell.
Do get in touch if you would like to commission your own unique combination of Designer Fabric and Finish.

Height: 108cm

Width: 48cm

Depth: 55cm

Seat Height: 76cm

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