The Financial Times Chair - the prefect gift for the financier in your life!



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No FT … No Comment. A Decoupage Cheeky Chair carefully wrapped and varnished in the iconic pink newsprint. 

Launched in January 1888 as the friend of "The Honest Financier, the Bona Fide Investor, the Respectable Broker, the Genuine Director, and the Legitimate Speculator", the Financial Times started life as a 4-page journal. In January 1893 the FT began printing on light salmon pink  paper to distinguish it from it's arch rival the Financial News.

Over the years the FT has grown in size, readership and breadth of coverage. It is now a global newspaper, printed in 22 locations with five international editions to serve the UK, continental Europe, the U.S., Asia and the Middle East. It is considered the most important and credible business read amongst most senior financial decision makers in the world's largest financial institutions.

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper cut-outs with a combination of paint effects and was known in18th century England as the Art of Japanning after its presumed origins.

Each FT chair is created from carefully selected strips of the iconic pink newsprint and then layered in varnish. Made to order, the financial emphasis of each chair can be personalised to capture the interests of the recipient - are they a Brexiter or Remainer? Dow Jones  or FTSE100? Tech Innovation or Industry? Tell us and we will create it.

Our Financial Times Chair is a stunning personalised gift for any occasion - perhaps as a golden handshake or an anniversary or a special birthday.  Whatever the occasion it is a totally unique present to be treasured forever. 

Height: 95cm

Width: 45cm

Depth: 42cm

Seat Height: 46cm

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