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Hackney Empire Topsy Turvy



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THIS LUXURY BRITISH VELVET FROM THE HOUSE OF HACKNEY is made from the finest quality cotton. The iconic print features a carnival of anthropomorphized animals dressed up in their finery - a hookah-smoking sloth, a frog in a bowler hat, a fanning otter and an imbibing badger, among others allure to at least a few of the seven deadly sins.

 Our curvaceous Scarlett chair displays the rich colour palette of midnight blue with highlights of jewel tones from ochre to grenadine for a decadent and mesmerizing effect; finished in Jack Black eggshell.

Do get in touch if you would like to commission your own unique combination of  Designer Fabric and Finish.

Height: 99cm

Width: 49cm

Depth: 51cm

Seat Height: 46cm


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