Designer Dining Chairs

The Origins of the Dining Room Chair

The chair may stretch back into history and be very hard to define in terms of origin but it is certainly not something as common place as it now is. Benches, small stools and even chests were the seating choices for most people up until around the 16th century. Before this time the chair was something reserved for the rich, royal and powerful. With clear evolutionary lines from thrones the now seemingly humble chair has a history that is anything but.

The dining room itself stems from the great halls of historic building where huge royal and powerful families would gather to eat. During the black death these gatherings certainly diminished in size to avoid contagion but the dining room is still to this day somewhat of an auspicious room.

It is quite common for the dining room to be far less used than the kitchen for eating and has been lost all together in many modern homes. However the dining room chair is still very much in favour and has, in fact, broken out of its traditional place and can be found in all but the “smallest room” in the house.


Dining Chair Styles

There are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different styles and types of dining chair available these days. From simple low cost options performing a somewhat perfunctory role around small tables to highly expensive and luxurious high backed upholstered chairs used in high society dinner parties. That being said there are only a few main types of dining chair, these include armed chairs, Parsons chairs, Shaker, side chair, Ladderback and Windsor. Many chairs are upholstered for extra comfort during dinner parties but the others use a wooden seat for simplicity and as a style choice.

The Importance of the Dining Chair

There is no doubt the dining room is still an important room in terms of entertaining. Although many a dinner party is held at a large kitchen island using bar stools there are more so conducted in this dedicated room. The dining chair is not just something to sit on, it is something guests should enjoy visually as well. Dining chairs must be comfortable, dinner parties are far more likely to go off with a bang if people are not worrying about how long they can stay in their chair. The dining chair can be a centre piece as a collection but importantly can also make a great statement on its own in other rooms of the house too. Even mixing a matching colours in a dining area can create a fun, fashionable and bold interior feel. The idea of the designer dining chair is nothing new and creating stylish, luxury seating for parties, dinging and general used is a popular one. Designer fabrics and a huge range of colours are available for those who wish to have something a little more than just a chair.

Where to Use a Dining Chair

The uses of designer dining chairs and more general dining chairs is almost limitless in the home and other places too. From traditional dining rooms to kitchens, playrooms, offices and even walk in wardrobes where a boudoir chair might not be suitable. Ultimately a good chair will fit anywhere and we are able to offer a stunning range of designer dining chair options to use right across the home. From a single statement piece to a decadent dining set for those long and delightful dinner parties.

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  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Studios
  • Hotels, Spas and Restaurants


Cheeky Chair Designer Dining Chairs

Cheeky Chairs offers a wide range of luxury designer dining chairs from bold bright colours and designer fabrics to sleek, rich velvet covered chairs as well as made to order options.

We use designer fabrics from the likes of House of Hackney, Liberty, and Christian Lacroix as well as artist prints from people like Jon Burgerman and Matthew Williamson. All our chairs are hand finished and upholstered offering superior comfort as well as bold and designer styling.

Below are just a few of our Cheeky Dining Chairs

Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade Designer Dining Chair

Our elegant and graceful Alice chair offers stylish designer dining with a flash of colour as well as tones of nature from the Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade fabric. While comfort is a big feature of this chair there is no doubt the Purpleheart eggshell finish will make a statement round any dining table. 


 Sunshine Yellow Daisy Chair



This is our cute and curvy Daisy chair is wearing the mischievous Frooty Tooty Tropical fabric, finished with Mister David eggshell.

 Kate upholstered in Josef Frank's Under Ekvatorn

The Mid-Century Kate chair has a traditionally cone-sprung seat for luxurious comfort at the dining table . Here Kate is upholstered in the lush Under Ekvatorn (Under the Equator) print by Josef Frank and finished in designer purple.


Our Colour-Blend Collection is designed to Colour-Match the colour scheme in your kitchen or dining room. The featured chairs and bar stools are painted in either Oval Room Blue, Charleston Grey or Hartforth Blue but we are able to paint our frames in any retail colour to match your kitchen colour scheme. And with 18 versatile fabric colours to choose from you can pick a combination that works for you! 

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss any of our dining chair range please get in touch today. It’s time to bin the boring dining chair and look for something more. Don’t leave you interior design to wall coverings and paintings, our dining chairs are here to help create something special in your home.

If you would like to discuss creating a chair to match fabrics you have in your home or colour scheme then let us know and we will work with you to create your dream chairs.