Chloe Contemporary Chair in the Fabulous Tropicalia from Kitty Mccall Finished in Blue



Product Details

Our striking Chloe chair, with her playfully shaped head made from fashionable birch-ply and circular cushioned seat, is wearing the fabulous Tropicalia from Kitty Mccall and finished in bespoke blue.

Tropicalia is a bold graphic design featuring stunning oversized blooms. This spectacular print conjures images of a tropical paradise through its use of bold vibrant colours.

Chloe creates a unique outline as an original but versatile statement piece for any room in the house but would make a particularly striking chair for the boudoir or dressing room.

Do get in touch if you would like to commission your own unique combination of Designer Fabric and Finish.

Height: 93cm

Width: 44cm

Depth: 53cm

Seat Height: 48cm